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Model's Tip

Model's Tip

Runway Editor's Notes with Belinda Trotter-James
The Modelologist
By reader demand..... All the tips you have been reading over the past year on this site is now in one easy to read ebook.  We have taken the top  108 key successful modeling rules and put them in an ebook.  The print version will also be out shortly.  Download your copy from on your digital devices today...   Unlock 108 Key rules of Successful Modeling
Must Do...

Must Do...

Always have a professional makeup artist at all your photo shoots.

ANTM Louise photo credit: The CW Network

Be Friends!

Be Friends!

In a business that can tear your spirit down in an instant, you need support from every angle.  Yes, the next girl may be your competition but, she may also be the girl who  refers you for an assignment.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo credit: The CW Network

 MODEL TIP #98...

If modeling is the career you want to pursue, you will need to store your photos in a professional portfolio book.  When attending casting calls it’s the first thing a casting agent will request.  Some amateur models would show up with photos in an envelope or 3-ring binder with plastic pages!  Holy Cow! This sends a silent message to casting agents that you are not serious about your career.  

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Black But Invisible

Black But Invisible

The Branding of America’s Next Top Model  All-Stars 1st Runner Up

Allison Harvard

Being Memorable Is In The Eyes

By Belinda Trotter-James


If you have been following the show since day one, you will remember Allison from cycle 12.  She was the strange acting girl with big beautiful eyes and a love for seeing blood from Houston, Texas.  Now she is a first runner up All Star living in New York with her boyfriend.  We caught up to her to hear all the juicy detail about life in the city and her second appearance on America’s Next Top Model…

Question: What has happened in your life since leaving ANTM after cycle 12?

Allison:  I went back to school.  My major is drawing and painting.  Then I sold my car and moved to New York with my boyfriend.  It’s been great.  I’ve been working on shoots and have been commissioned to paint for clients.  I’m constantly updating my book.  I only used a few photos from ‘top model’.

Question: The fans love you.  I understand you have the most fans of all the cycles.  Why do you think you are so memorable?

Allison: It’s surprising to me.  It’s overwhelming; I’m so grateful.  People see me on the street and tweet me saying, “Thank you for being yourself. You’re making a difference.”  I am so thankful for the response.

Question: Your eyes were not a problem in cycle 12.  This cycle shows you having extreme difficulty with shooting outside in the sun.  It seems that every photo shoot was in the sun.  Could you get sun proof contact lenses the color of your eyes?  (If they’re such a thing.;))

Allison:  My eyes were super sensitive in cycle 12 but they did not blow it out of the water like they did in this cycle.  I was starring into the sun, (which is something you’re not supposed to do) and the entire thing was sensationalized.  It was frustrating to watch; my eyes are not a big hindrance.

Question: Most girls from previous cycles who had major issues during the show right before a major shoot were always told to use that energy in the photos.  When they do, they end up winning the challenge.  This happened to you with the passing of your father and your emotions almost got the best of you.  I am sorry for your loss. It seems that out of the loss came a beautiful video directed by Game.  It’s my favorite. Talk me through your process in coming up with the lyrics?

Allison:  I had written the first part when I was 16 years old.  The words meant something to me now so I decided to use them.  I love writing poetry.  I hid under the covers at first because I did not know what to write.  I want my work to mean multiple things to multiple people.  To me it felt like you’re drowning or dreaming when someone in your life passes on. It’s like a nursery rhyme.  Working with Game was great.  He was so sweet and gave very good direction.  I was blown away with how warm and genuine he was.

Question: What emotions went through your mind when you found out Angelea was disqualified?

Allison: I love Angelea in my heart.  I think it was unfortunate to be taken out this way after coming so far.  It was just an unfortunate situation.

Question:  What was more challenging…  The CSI television audition or Tyra’s motion editorial?

Allison:  I had a great time on CSI.  I did pretty well during the taping but of course they showed the clip when I messed up.  I had the lines memorized and the scene went well but I guess the one where I messed up was funnier.  The motion editorial was like an obstacle course.  Mini backdrops were built for each scene.  We went two days without sleeping.  The production team had long hours. My heart goes out to the crew who had to put it all together.

Question:  What model advice would you give to aspiring models?

Allison:  I would say to develop a strong backbone.  Being a real model outside of being a reality TV show model is two different things.  This is a tough world and people will try to break you.  Just know who you are, be yourself and do only those things that makes you comfortable.

Allison has a brilliant future ahead filled with modeling assignments, commissioned paintings, and directing different projects.  “I will utilize all the tools I have been given along with taking a few acting classes, going to the theatre and just enjoying life,” says Allison.

Her face book page is private but you can keep up with her career on twitter at AllisonHarvard.

Photos courtesy of CW11

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